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Aaron Stevens Architects seek to create Architecture that is beautiful, a joy to live in and a pleasure to look at. We strive for harmony and balance, where each perspective can be enjoyed as rich architectural detail, and every element is thoroughly worked to compliment the whole.


The complexity of Architecture should be so well resolved that it appears elegantly simple. We work with textures and materials, creating architecture where every detail leads to a beautiful form.


With the simplest of forms Architecture that is oriented to perform for its required task, work, sleep or living. The Architecture created is one which will be a pleasure to live in, honest in its form, allowing an ease of function. 


The environment is controlled though intelligent siting, the subtle integration of technology, with a desire for an elegant internal to external connection. 


The Architectural palette is subtle, with natural tones and material, the landscape is integrated to compliment the built form and the environment of the setting.


Architecture such as ours has been embraced around the world. It can be seen as a bold approach, not one that adheres to the norms of suburban design, we are passionate however, that this Architecture will add great value to those who live in the home as well as to the community in which our Architecture is built.


Aaron Stevens Architects is a firm structured to undertake projects of any scale. We work closely with a range of trusted consultants and professionals ranging from Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Builders and much more.


The project management model that Aaron Stevens Architects work within enables us to put together a team of highly qualified professionals as required to suit any particular projects needs.


We will tailor a team to suit your project requirements and Aaron Stevens Architects will act as the clients single point of contact as we build and maintain a strong working relationship.


Aaron is the Director of Aaron Stevens Architects.


Aaron is a registered Architect with two degrees in Architecture and over a two decades experience in the construction industry, Aaron Stevens has a passion for simple, clean, elegant design while maintaining a strong focus on build-ability.


Aarons first degree was from the University of Technology Sydney, a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. His second degree was from the University of New South Wales, Architecture with First Class Honours.


Aaron Stevens Architect registration number is 9507, and we are proud that our firm is an A+ Member of the Australian Institute of Architects.






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